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As a scholarly, I use my research, teaching, mentorship, and service to the academy and local community to advocate for equality, social justice, and inclusiveness.  Further, I use my work in each of these domains to inform my efforts in the other domains of my scholarship.  In particular, I draw on my conversations with my students and members of the community I work with to refine and enhance my work on various social problems in my research.  In turn, I actively promote the dissemination of new and critical research – sometimes including my own — to the media and the broader public so that this knowledge can be used to improve policy, programming, and everyday understandings of the social work.  For example, I have worked with a local intimate partner violence and rape crisis center to improve its anti-sexual violence educational programming based on past research on bystander intervention strategies.  Also, I edit and blog at ConditionallyAccepted.com, and use Twitter to share links to stories about new research and current events.

Selected Community Service

  • With staff and volunteers from Middle Way House and Illumenate, I co-organized Boyfriend Lessons, a series of workshops in 2011-2012 for gay, bisexual, and transgender men in Bloomington, IN on healthy romantic and sexual relationships.  Throughout these workshops, we discussed LGBT health, identity, community, sexual violence, safe sex, and relationships.
  • I volunteered with Middle Way House, an organization in Bloomington, IN that provides services related to sexual and intimate partner violence, to enhance the anti-sexual violence curricula of the Building Healthy Relationships program.  I created a report on bystander intervention research and programming.
  • I volunteered as a Safety Escort for Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, IN during the fall semester of 2011.  You can read about my experiences.
  • I volunteered in the resource center for the Shalom Community Center, a day shelter for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Bloomington, IN in 2009.  I assisted clients by providing toiletries, mail, running the sign up sheet for the center’s shower, and other administrative tasks.

Selected Academic Service

  • I regularly call attention to the urgent need for scholars to pay attention to sexual identity, and gender identity and expression, especially in the lives, experiences, and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.  These efforts have included organizing sessions at conferences (e.g., LGBT Health, Anti-LGBTQ Bullying and Violence), a conference at Indiana University entitled “Transcending Boundaries in Sexuality Research Conference”, and founding a chapter of the Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy at IU.  These efforts are especially apparent in my own research.
  • I emphasize the importance of examining the intersections among systems of oppression (racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism) and identities (race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality) in scholarship through conference sessions that I organize (e.g., Race, Ethnicity, and Sexualities), and other academic service efforts.  These efforts are especially apparent in my own research.
  • I advocate for the dissemination of academic research, theory, and concepts beyond the walls of academia.  In particular, I use blogging to connect current events and “real life experiences” to my own and other scholars’ work.